Best TVs for Home Theatre

Unlike replacing your PC or smartphone, it’s comparably intimidating to buy a new television. especially when it comes to different brands like LG, Sony, Samsung, TCL, etc, not to mention terminologies like 4K, OLED, Smart LED, Ultra HD.

This post shares with you everything you need to know before buying a new television.

How to figure out the right Screen Sizes

Screen sizes vary from 14 inches to over 100 inches.

1. Divide the diagonal width by 0.84 inches. this will give the result of the ideal distance between you and the screen. For instance, if you have a 65” TV, the seating position would be around 6.5′ from it

2. 1.5 or 2 times the diagonal width of your screen, with this method, the ideal seating position for a 65” screen is between 8.1′ and 10.8′


LCD LED TVs use panels of liquid crystal pixels illuminated by external light sources, the advantages of LCD TVs are the brightness, affordability, and durability. Their main disadvantages are limited viewing angles and difficulties controlling light.

OLED means organic light-emitting diode (OLED or Organic LED). While OLED displays have numerous benefits such as the true blacks and wide color gamut, the majority of OLED displays tend to flicker. The flickering is particularly visible at low brightness levels, causing eyestrain and headaches to sensitive users.

OLED TVs are the picture quality kings, but they’re not cheap.

The TVs’ OLED displays use organic light-emitting diode technology to deliver a contrast ratio, viewing angles, and a wide color gamut that no LCD TV (or QLED TV) can match.

All of LG’s 2019 OLED models include the latest version of the HDMI standard: 2.1.

That means their HDMI ports can handle 4K at 120fps, as well as two gamer-friendly extras: variable refresh rate and automatic low latency mode (aka auto game mode).

As the least expensive OLED TV, the B9 is our favorite overall for high-end shoppers.

It fell just a bit short of the C9 in image quality in our tests, but the differences are minuscule — and since it’s less expensive than the C9, it’s a better value

Best TV at a glance:

Samsung Q90R QLED TV
LG C9 OLED Series
Vizio P-Series Quantum X
Samsung Q900R QLED TV
Sony A9G Master Series OLED
LG B9 OLED Series
Samsung Q70R QLED TV
TCL 6-Series QLED (R625)
Hisense H9F Series
Sony Bravia X950G Series