Can I Use VPN with IPTV Service?

yes, there are many benefits when a VPN involves, we most recommend IPVanish


What is VPN?

Usually, when you connect to the internet, you first connect through your ISP — the ISP then connects you to the internet. The ISP can see your IP address, as well as view the data you transmit during the connection.

When you connect to a VPN, your real IP address is masked, and the data you transmit is encrypted. Your ISP, and any other potential snooping entity (e.g. the government, data thieves) can no longer monitor your web activity

The Pros of VPN

1) VPNs can improve the speed of your connection, and thus enhance your overall viewing experience with IPTV. VPNs can do this in two ways.
First, they enable you to bypass ISP throttling. ISPs are known to throttle specific types of Internet data, including content streaming. ISPs typically apply throttling based on the type of content that their users access. VPNs however, encrypt your traffic, thus preventing ISPs from knowing the type of content you are accessing.

2) VPNs can improve speed and viewing experience by re-routing your connection to favorable servers. For example, if the VPN server is located in the content’s source country (or in close proximity to it), this can improve your streaming experience. You’ll also experience a boost in your stream if the server your VPN is connecting to is less crowded.

3) VPNs can protect your privacy, and shield you from potential legal concerns.
Without a VPN, ISPs can see the type of content that you stream. Using a VPN encrypts your traffic, preventing ISPs from doing this. This increases both your privacy and security while you’re streaming. For example, if you’re using public wi-fi, your data is particularly vulnerable to snooping, theft, or hacking attacks — a VPN would prevent this.

Further, when you’re using IPTV without a VPN, you’re leaving the door open for advertisers to collect your personal information. The encryption that a VPN brings however, would limit the amount of data that they can extract.

Lastly, the privacy that a VPN grants you can also protect you from legal concerns. Depending on the kind of content that you’re streaming, you may be able to avoid potential issues with copyright infringement.